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Navigation International connections are favored, so reach out to those you resonate with. Don't be surprised if you turn into Marie Kondo on the home front as motivating Mars moves into tidy Virgo in your home zone by Sunday. You'll have extra energy for home repairs and streamlining. If you're feeling emotional heat, try some gardening or greening up your airy abode to burn off extra steam. This month's full moon in Aquarius suggests intense emotional connection as it lights up your zone of intimacy and other people's secrets.

Aquarius is the sign of the individual, so how can you share your unique needs and perhaps experiment behind closed doors? The other side to this zone is the ability to draw in what you need from others, so capitalize on this once-a-year moment of lunar magic and write down what you'd like. Information and connections to larger groups are highlighted, even crowdfunding an idea or event you have in mind. Get out and about locally to make the most of abundant cosmic energy as active Mars move into your area of all things local.

Perhaps try out the menu of a new health outlet or take a stroll after dinner to burn off the extra steam. It takes two this week as the full moon lights up your partnership zone. However, your ability to shine solo is imperative to find balance. Ensure you're getting the space you crave and the support for your unique needs, as it underpins your ability to show up authentically.

In your one-on-ones, manifest with the full moon by asking your unconscious to reveal the one, or simply tweak your existing relationship.

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It's amazing how much others relate to you differently as soon as you shift your intentions or expectations. Get clear on what you want in your partnerships, whether romantic or business, by writing it down, perhaps a ritual whereby you sprinkle glitter over a candle. Create your own ritual to focus your vision and feelings. How would your ideal partnership look? And, most important, how would it feel? Your sign is associated with work, service, and health, which is what Thursday's full moon spotlights.

Filtered through the sign of broad-minded Aquarius, consider a yoga or fitness class. Perhaps extra reading to deepen your knowledge on a specific health and healing area. Research nutrition or try the calming benefits of Indian Shirodhara warm oil poured over your forehead , which is ideal for Virgos' overwrought nervous system and busy mind. Aquarius has a strong communal side, so there's an emphasis on shared contribution at work; ensure everyone is appreciated and input is valued equally.

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This is a great time for you to share your innovative ideas as they'll benefit your workplace. It's all systems go as Mars moves into your sign early this week, giving you a surge of energy and assertiveness. Lucky you, Libra: Your romance and fun zones are ripe for this month's lunar reveal. Thursday's full moon in unique Aquarius ensures you'll feel like doing things differently if it involves dating or creating.

Try your hand at a new art form or seek out any unusual or cutting-edge artists that are showing their work at the moment. Group shows are ideal for inspo and perfect to add to your dating agenda. It's a great place to mingle and meet the old-fashioned way, so keep an eye out for someone interesting.

Or take your partner out and connect with a new crew. Mars moves into your mystic zone early in the week, so try highlighting a need to recharge your batteries. Balance your social time with quiet time. Meditation or a simple mindfulness practice will help you maintain your famous harmony and grace this month.

Bring the revolution home as Thursday's full moon lights up your private nest. Detach from the outer world and burrow down into the cushions of your comfy couch with your best girlfriends. You've had a lot of focus on being out in the world, career, and general public image, so take the opportunity to decompress and balance it out. Although you're a sign known for emotional intensity, this full moon helps you find an objective and intellectual space to analyze and review anything that bubbled up from your miasmic underpinnings lately.

Catch up with old friends who know you inside and out to share air time. Mars moves into service-oriented Virgo on Sunday, bringing two months of activity to your friendship zone. Share your practical ideas to help out friends who need your insightful action strategies. It's all about your local environment this week as Thursday's full moon lights this area up.


Get out and about for quick trips and stay open to new connections and friends around this time. Perhaps sign up for a community program or connect with siblings if you need a reason. A community class or short course could be just the ticket too. Sunday sees assertive Mars move into Virgo, bringing steam and perhaps activity to your intimacy zone.

You won't be backward in coming forward and may draw someone detailed or service-oriented to you. Shared muscle power is suggested, so be ready to share the load to push things forward. The full moon is filtered through Aquarius in your money zone this Thursday. Aquarius is radical, communal, and cutting-edge, so consider additional ways to enhance your income. This full moon suggests you balance out what is yours and what you're invested in with others. Make sure you have a portion of your finances—or even possessions—that are yours alone and can support your independence.

Mars moves into your travel zone on Sunday for the next two months, urging you to expand your horizons. In the practical sign of Virgo, you may need to take care of details in order to achieve this, whether designing a finicky itinerary or scouting out a course of study. This month's full moon has your name on it as it blossoms in your sign on Thursday.

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Find out what's in store for you in , as Marie Claire forecasts horoscopes for all signs. ( - ) For this collaboration, I was asked to illustrate the astrological signs in my style. The illustrations were featured in Marie-Claire January

Since it's merged with the planet Venus, a beautiful opportunity exists to get clear on how you want to be received by others. Make a definite and clear decision to embody your vision by connecting to others as you wish to be connected to. If you're ready to release a project into the world, this is a great period to launch. Amplify abundance by giving air time to everything you're already grateful for.

If things get steamy from Sunday, it's because the planet of action moves into your zone of intimacy. In the sign of exacting Virgo, you'll want to go over every nook and cranny of what a lover or business partner has to offer.

Be discerning about other contributions now and make sure it's worth your investment. Thursday hosts the full moon in socially oriented Aquarius as it lights up your mystic zone. Make the most of lunar magic by tapping into the collective. Free extras: We have a free car park for hotel guests arriving with their own car depending on the availability. Additional services: We set up a breakfast buffet every morning.

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