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Understanding Gemstone Astrology After that you should decide the size weight of gemstone by yourself.

What is Vedic Astrology?

The day of Saturn is Saturday. Sorcer A perfect combination of superior public relations and technology, Mr. We select Gems to increase the efficiency or for removal of the deficiency. People since ancient times have sensed powerful energies emanating from gemstone crystals and their ability to bring good fortune and ward off evil. In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on your horoscope. It is said that blue sapphire has the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. It increases intelligence and brain power.

For Example, in earlier times, Sawa. Hence, Prasad is offered as per current denomination Kaal , Of particular Country Desh , as per the capacity of the individual Patra. The most popular sizes of different astrological gemstones that are worn by the people are given as follows:. Wearing any more weight would not be extra beneficial. There are different reasons- why these weight ranges are more preferred. Like Emerald of this size range is preferred because Emerald is worn in the little finger and Emerald is a light stone.

Wearing an emerald of size bigger than 6. In current times, Big sized gemstones are misfit for corporate life and hence it is preferable to wear small sized gemstones but of good quality.

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An Expert gemologist can help you in understanding the gemstone in a better way and can help you to choose the right gemstone. Visit shubhgems.

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Needed to buy good gemstones. Could your astrologer suggest which would be good?

Gemstone chart according to your astrological sign

You can visit the following Link for Gemstone Advice. Planning to buy panna. My age is 37 and weight is around What ratti should i buy? Are your stones certified?

Shoulld i wear it with silver or gold. My astrologer has recommended gold but i was reading somewhere that wearing it in Silver is better. Planning to buy a topaz. Can you tell me too. My weight is 55 kgs and age 21, planning to buy a topaz too. Tell me how much i can wear?

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Hello, All our Gemstones are certified and are given with its Lab-Report. Suggested metals for Emerald Panna are Gold and Silver both. Astrology provides you with an awareness of these themes, allowing you to take steps to manage them in positive ways. One of the most powerful and enriching ways to move through areas of challenge and open the way to the life you wish for is to use the healing powers of gemstones.

Know your birthstone based on your birthday

Each person has a highly individual birth chart corresponding to conditions in the heavens at the exact moment of your birth. There is also a specific set of gemstones that is related to your birth chart. If you are someone who is sensitive to beauty and energy, you will respond to these qualities in gemstones both intuitively and physically. You can immediately feel the impact of a gemstone on your energy field. You will feel even a small gemstone brought into your energy field as strengthening or weakening.


Each planet has its unique corresponding astrological gemstone which radiates the same cosmic color energies as the planet itself. The gemstones work by. Enter your complete birth data to determine which gemstones are best for your astrological chart, using the Vedic (Indian) astrological system. The report is.

This is the basis of healing with gemstones and energy medicine. As a lifelong astrologer and jeweler I have specialized in creating highly personal pieces of jewelry that I call Jewelry for the Soul. Gemstones have been my passion since my training in jewelry making in Germany 35 years ago. I have studied healing with gemstones for many years with great teachers in the Western and Vedic traditions.

Most people think they have one or two birthstones, like the aquamarine for March. But a more in-depth reading of your birth chart uncovers many more stones—about 14 in all—corresponding to more intricate facets of who you are as a person and your life themes. All of these stones can be used in various ways to enhance your mind, body, heart, and soul—and your life.

What Your Birthstone Means, According to Science

Combing my love and knowledge of astrology and gemstones, I have developed a method of identifying the most powerful gemstones for any individual based on their astrological birth chart. Please consult your Vedic Astrologer if you have any further questions.

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation

Lijit Search. Astrological Gem's Free Jyotish Gemstone Report Enter your complete birth data to determine which gemstones are best for your astrological chart, using the Vedic Indian astrological system. Copyright , AstrologicalGem.