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This Is Your Steamiest Sex Match, According to Your Zodiac Sign

They enjoy calf massages and light scratching with your fingernails on their ankles and legs. Massaging the feet and sucking on toes are usually Pisces favorite and will get them steamed up and ready for action. Stroking their hair and rubbing their scalp will make them feel relaxed and heighten their sensations. Nibble the ear, for especially the men, they will not be able to resist this, he will get uncontrollable urges and you will soon be all his! Taurus: April 21 - May 21 The throat and neck are the hot spots for any Taurus.

Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs – Erotic Astrology

Lightly rub the neck, kiss it gently, lick it lightly, even a soft nipple will make them melt like butter! Massage the back of the neck while you are relaxing, this relax them and set the mood for passion! These are very sensitive regions and are very receptive a massage and a gentle touch or stroke. This also calms the high-strung Gemini and relaxes them, setting the mood for passion. A Virgo man can get a bit kinky in bed and is turned on by sensual punishment. If you gently spank, bite, or pinch their buttocks, it's defiantly arousing to them because they'll know you're up for almost anything.

1. Aries: “The Director”

What you may not know is that zodiac sign erogenous zones also exist, and that your sign can help guide you to find more of these fun places. Every sign in the zodiac has at least one or two hidden erogenous zones on their body that have to power to get them seriously turned-on. Some signs love.

Before putting a Virgo man's erogenous zones to use, there are some things you should know or you may scare off him off before you ever make it to a first date. First, romance with the Virgo man isn't quite the same as navigating a love relationship with most other signs. Virgos are somewhat complicated as a rule, and this is even more apparent in the way they approach romantic relationships. When a Virgo male first becomes interested in you , you may not even realize it because this is not the guy who is going to bowl you over with flowers and compliments.

Virgo men take a sideways approach to love.

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You'll find this fellow begins to show up around you more than usual. He's the one listening to your every word and actually engaging you in conversation.

Navigating Romance With the Virgo Man

He'll suggest reasons for the two of you to get together without it being for an actual date. Virgo guys tend to "test drive" a bit before they decide whether to get involved. The emotional tides are governed by the Moon and you will notice how easily they can play sweet or tough depending on the Moon phase.

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Their sensitive erotic nature needs safety in order to unravel their great mysteries but caressing their chest and playing with their nipples almost always raise a huge wave of their Watery Energy. Dive in it! To turn them on — further- massage their back or try few long sexy strokes down their back with your nails go easy at first. Push the buttons of their Erogenous zones and see if you can tame the lion!

They may the puritans but never judge a book from their cover. They have the lustiest nature which actually scared them a lot. Their sexually bipolar nature can push them to either play dirty or take a step back and feel guilts about their desires. Although they may play tough to get, trying to caress their waistline will make their hearts beat faster and open themselves. Talking erotic or dirty may also unveil their true nature.

As children of Venous, the Goddess of Love they have a very sensitive erotic nature which is easily triggered. However, you need to establish some ground rules in order to play with them — at least at first. They need to feel safe first. The lower back and their butt is the most erotic zone of Libra.

Although it sounds stupid, their genitals is like a big red button which if pressed unleashes nuclear erotic energy. Their adventurous nature will try — even at young age — to explore their fantasies and this makes most of them particularly experienced.

One way to turn the Centaurs on is to caress their hips, play with their buttocks or massage their thighs — hot erogenous zones. It seems that the inner part of their thighs is particularly sensitive and you will find a spot there which can be easily triggered.

What You’re Like in Bed, According to Your Star Sign

Capricorns have both the reputation of a very conservative person but also a very tender and erotic one. This conflict is almost always so obvious that you want to hug them and help them find their inner peace. You can try to place your hand on their knees, let it linger there a bit and then caress they back of their knees.