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He doesn't see the sense in releasing any kind of energy unless its purpose is to produce something practical and useful - and the typical Taurean does not regard daydreams as either essential or productive. Consequently, the girl Ram may gradually and eventually become impatient with her Bull's desire for frankly sensual and somewhat unimaginative lovemaking and he may at a relatively slower rate of speed become honestly puzzled by the trip to the stars she feels must be synonymous with passion, in private, wistfully wishing he could take her there but sensing they might get lost, because he's uncertain of the route A harmonious relationship between their mutual Suns, Moons and Ascendents will miracle away these differences in their natures, and allow the two of them to achieve a rich fulfillment through their sexual union, as well as in every other facet of their togetherness.

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It takes mountains of hurt and resentment to make a Taurus man leave a woman he's once loved or permit her to leave his possessive domain , but once he goes, he is gone. A little tenderness today can prevent a lot of tears tomorrow.

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Despite the many arguments these two are almost destined to have in the area of both mutual and individual finances, she'll soon learn a touching truth about her Taurus man's attitude toward money, which is so vastly different from her own assuming they're both typical of their Sun Signs, and their birth charts don't confuse matters with a variety of planetary positions that create the exceptions that prove the astrological rules.

In the beginning, she'll think he's an outright tightwad, and he'll think she's as improvident and careless with cash as they make females he believes they're all made, more or less, in a similar extravagant mold. Gradually, however, his great Bull's heart will be moved, when he slowly comprehends that her carelessness with cash is nearly always motivated by impulsive generosity.

He'll see that, although she spends a good deal of money on herself Aries represents the first astrological house; therefore, all Rams are exceptionally concerned with their physical appearance , she spends even more through her gestures of giving, much in the sense that a child gives, with a feeling of sheer delight in pleasing others and receiving the reward of their happy smiles.

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He'll probably relax his attitude somewhat then, regarding his initial disapproval of her wild and carefree spending. In fact, after their relationship has had time to solidify into a permanent pattern, her spontaneous generosity may even cause him to love her more. At the same time he's learning to adapt to her financial looseness, even affectionately, she will be discovering that he's not such a miser as she first thought him to be.

She'll realize that his caution stems from his uncontrollable need to be sure of tomorrow's security, his deep-seated fear of being suddenly thrown out into the street and forced to rely upon the charity of others or the government, which would kill his proud spirit of self-sufficiency. And she'll see that, once her stubborn, but kind-hearted, steadfast and loyal Bull knows their future is reasonably insured not excessively, as is the case with the typical Crab or Goat , he's genuinely generous.

Barring an afflicted Moon or Ascendent in Earth or Water elements, he'll be as tickled as she to give gifts to their friends and families, and lend money to those who need it, without pressing them for repayment - as long as his basic nest egg for tomorrow is left untouched, the amount of which, of course, varies with each individual Bull. But the typical Taurus male won't take huge chances with his security.

If his Aries woman tries to convince him that they should move into a better apartment or house, and trust a promise someone made to them regarding future paychecks, commissions or bonuses, to make up the difference in rent or mortgage payments, she's engaged in a futile endeavor. The Bull won't move an inch until he's sure he can handle the extra burden.

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To Taurus there's never been a promise since the world began that's been made of anything but talk and thin air - both materials he's found to be totally unreliable for the purpose of building anything concrete and lasting. Yet, when push comes to shove an excellent descriptive phrase to use with Taurus this man will share half of whatever he has with anyone whose real need he's been made aware of, most especially his family, friends There may be times when the Bull's stubbornness seems like the coldest kind of cruelty to an Aries girl.

taurus pisces compatibility linda goodman

Taurus And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman's Love Signs. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook Messenger 1 min. ZodiacReads. Linda Goodman explains Love Compatibility between Sun signs of Aries and Taurus. For example, an Aries parent wants a Taurus child to eat, and depression – which no Mars-ruled man, woman or child can tolerate for.

For example, he may say something unkind to her in public, when she's been frisking too much for his taste and acting up in general, and it will cut her to the quick. She'll try to force him to apologize, openly or at least to admit he didn't mean it which he didn't, and she knows it , while he sullenly refuses to grant her the verbal solace and reassurance she's seeking or, rather, demanding. As she continues first to command, then finally to plead with him to retract his statement, he'll grow even more silent and removed, like a chunk of marble, unseeing, unhearing, unfeeling - apparently.

Then she'll impulsively run out, angrily weeping, into the night.

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He's the coldest, cruelest man she's ever known, and it's all over between them. He can't do that to her. A few blocks down the street maybe twenty or more, depending on the extent of the adrenalin she was generating when she stormed out of the place where she left him - she sees a coffee shop, and wanders inside, to sit by herself, crying all over her donuts, and fiercely hating him until their favorite song hits her ears, from the ceiling speakers, reminding her of what she's lost by walking out on him. So, she pays her check, leaves hastily and ends up standing on a street corner, forlorn and alone, trying to hail a taxi to take her home - sorry, at last - and now really frightened.

It's late, there are no taxis anywhere, and she has to walk home, giving her time to think over a lot of things as she hurries down streets that seem unusually quiet and deserted. It's him. He's still there. Earth and Water, Fire and Air signs go together, and as long as two signs are in the same element, they usually work well too.

But advanced students of astrology will tell you that knowing you and your S.

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  • Aries Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love...?

What are sun sign patterns? I'm glad you asked. The first time I learned about sun sign patterns was through American astrologer Linda Goodman. Her comprehensive astrology textbook, Sun Signs laid out exactly what a sun sign pattern is, what it means, and how it affects compatibility. A sun sign pattern is determined by the months difference between two signs. So two people of the same sign in a relationship would be described as a pattern. I'll lay all this out in a minute for you, but the important thing to note here is that while aspects between the personal planets can change compatibility somewhat, it can't change the vibration described in a sun sign pattern.

So basically, this remains true no matter what else exists in your charts, and that kind of certainty is rare in any astrological reading. A pattern describes a relationship between two people of the same sign. In this sun sign pattern, the strengths and weaknesses are magnified in both of you. You must be careful not to swing between these two extremes, or the relationship can crash and burn.

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A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall right next to one another on the zodiac wheel. So, according to Linda Goodman , relationships between these pairings would be considered a pattern:.

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In these combinations, one person plays the teacher, and the other the student. Smiles and obedience are rewarded, and Taurus doesn't forget what has been learned, however painfully and slowly. Still essentially unaware of anything outside the immediate environment, the Taurus man or woman like the Taurean symbolic Baby finds happiness in the family circle and the tangible - in what is known to be familiar, rather than in the strange and noisy outside world.

Through the Taurus experience, the Baby soul discovers the delight of using the senses of tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching. It symbolically smells and chews, and listens to every toy, as well as looks at and touches them in this, the soul's first experience as a Fixed sign of the Organizer.

Taurus Woman and Aries Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love...

Because possessions bring happiness, this man or woman clutches them, fondles them and finds contentment in calling them his or her own. On the Taurus level of development, the "Baby soul" is enormously dependent on physical contact with loved ones - to be held, cuddled, kissed and hugged. And the Venus-ruled Pan-Horus guided Taurean responds with coos and giggles of ecstasy, understanding affection only through the feeling that it's there. The actual baby is fiercely possessive of toys and the attention of the parents, shattered when either seems lost, stubbornly refusing to share them, as the male or female Taurean behaves with regard to his or her own bank account and mate.

Taurus positive qualities are strength of purpose, patience, steadfastness and conviction. Expressed in their negative form, they become obstinacy, blind prejudice and lack of reason.

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He likes to tease and analyze in Aquarian fashion. This book is accurate in so many ways. The book has general info on signs but goes further by explaining your relationship to other signs. Did you ever talk to a policeman who had to work a rough beat on the night of the full Moon? Of course, there are exceptions, when her mind can wander in odd directions.